Free Yourself from Being Watched

Free Yourself from Being Watched

The Transparent Internet User

Would you mind walking around completely naked in public? Most of us would not be ready for such an experience. Be it because we would like to maintain some privacy, be it that we do not like to be exposed (most of us not being exhibitionists). Would you like to free yourself from being watched on the web?

On the internet we are all completely transparent to more and more companies and even some countries. Analyzing us has become the new normal.

What Private Data Do People Cede?

Lucas Kohorst argues that it is very difficult, even for us normally educated people, to even understand privacy declarations issued by companies, as they use very complicated legal speak. Only the European GDPR legislation is forcing companies to make more transparent what kind of personal data they are accumulating about us and for what purpose.

Besides the information we cede to companies when we register on some site for a new service, we are tracked and followed around in multiple ways and companies are always coming up with new creative techniques.

You Are Being Tracked

Tracking by social media sites is also common. You can take care of what data is collected about you when following some tips. But when it comes to visit other sites or in web searches the feat becomes harder by the day. 99% of all cookies are used to track you so websites can target you better with ads as this recent study by Ruhr University Bochum has found.

Would you prefer to have the security to not being followed around, when looking to expand your knowledge. You could use DuckDuckGo as a search engine and a secured web browser (by using Firefox or appropriate plugins) or you just can use Unouit when searching for valuable content.

Maggie, the smart sheep, get her food unobserved by the watchdog.

Making You Invisible

No accumulation of personal data

There are appropriate and less appropriate usages of your identity and your personal data, as we already examined in this blog post.

Unouit does not accumulate any data about your person beyond your email address (we use for identifying you as an individual user). We will never ask you any personal details. Your payment information is not stored with us, but with the payment provider.

And what is even more important: We will never sell your identity to anybody!

No Tracking Whatsoever

You are not directly in contact with popular search engines but through our servers. These mask your identity (for example preventing browser fingerprinting) by not exposing you personally. We do not trace your personal search habits. We do not sell any advertisement. That is why we do not favor any search results that are paid for by content providers.

We also strip all web content you are seeing from trackers. So we do with most of the scripting code that is used to track people. We constantly update our tracker database that currently contains multiple thousands of trackers that we block. You can see the number of trackers that where removed from a webpage. We show this information in the upper right corner of the content display pane in a circle.

Another countermeasure against tracking your search habits is the mingling of searches from different people on our servers. When building up profiles for a specific user search providers accrue and classify your interests. So they get a unique profile of you as a person. We make this nearly impossible for them. Sessions are express the accumulated interests of multiple users. The results are mixed, unspecific (thus useless) profiles of a user.

Make yourself invisible now with Unouit.