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  • What browsers does Unouit currently support?

    Unouit currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    This does not mean that it would not work properly within other browsers, but we do not currently regularly test on other browsers. So layout and functioning of certain features may not be guaranteed on these browsers

    The Unouit Bookmarklet plugin/add-on is currently only available for Chrome and Firefox.

  • What document types does Unouit currently support?

    In the document view (and also preview) pane, Unouit currently is only able to display HTML and PDF content correctly. In case HTML content looks mangled or is maybe not displayed at all, you can file a request to improve the content displayed by clicking on the “thumbs down” icon in the upper right corner of the display pane.

    When it comes to uploading own documents, you currently can only upload PDF documents to your collection.

    Office-Documents (like Word, Excel, etc.) and XML files, as well as Videos and Audio media files are currently not supported. Let us know, if you need to work with these types of documents or media files. Just let us know by writing to info@unouit.com. We will then consider to add this feature at some later point in time.

  • Hide PDF reader sidebar by default in Firefox

    The pdf reader sidebar (in your remembered files) is open by default. If you want to change this behaviour do the following:

    Open “about:config” in a new Firefox window. A warning message will appear. Just accept the risk and continue. A search bar will appear now. Search for the following option: pdfjs.sidebarViewOnLoad. After you clicked “enter”, you should see the option you searched for. On the right, you will see an edit icon (pen). Click it. Now you are able to change the value from -1 (open) to 0 (closed). Save the changes by clicking on the blue checkmark icon on the right. Now you changed your pdf reader default behaviour from open to closed.

    Snippet of PDF option in Firefox

    Note: Chrome doesn’t allow to change this behaviour for now, this guide is only valid for Firefox.