What Knowledge Workers Are Missing in New Search Engines

A recent article in the German newspaper handelsblatt.com shows (unfortunately only in German) that people are more and more concerned with privacy when searching the web. They seem even ready to pay for ad-free search results.

Do search engines like this suffice for you as a knowledge worker?

Let us compare some of the candidates and see how they match up with unouit.com, the knowledge discovery and aggregation engine.

What Knowledge Workers Miss

Let us assume you are looking for the terms “drones”. What do the different search alternatives present you as search results?

Let us have a look (you can click on each image to get bigger picture):

These are 8 of the best-known search engines honoring your privacy available on the net as of today. Besides Google (included for comparison purposes) all of them declare to protect the user’s privacy, at least to a certain extend. Some of them still live off advertising (like DuckDuckGo).

When we look at the search results for the term “drones” we notice, that all candidates still show us content related to products (like shops). This is a clear indication that they more ore less present the same results, only arranged in a different manner. And this is actually OK for a generic search engine.

But as a knowledge worker I prefer not being led astray into rabbit holes of websites that do not offer principally valuable content to me (like article, reports, papers, etc.).

What Knowledge Workers Like About Unouit

Below you can see the picture of the search results for “drones” within Unouit.

Unouit search results

Note the absence of webshop links. But Unouit is even more thorough when filtering the search results. We remove site entry pages, overview pages (so you get only articles). We even try to identify and remove pseudo content. This leads in average to about 60% less links you have to look through.

The articles are cleaned from ads and trackers, too, removing another source of distraction.

This is only a fraction of what Unouit can do for you as a knowledge discovery engine. The aggregation of knowledge after it is found is another important topic for knowledge workers. What Unouit offers in this area is to be discussed in another post.

What do you need to have a more efficient experience searching the web? Let us know in the comments.

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