How does Unouit compare to… (u name it)?

How does Unouit compare to other tools?
Let’s compare apples and oranges 😉

Maybe you are curious about knowing how the feature set of Unouit compares to similar applications. Here is a comparison of the features as of August 5, 2022 (updated):

Integrated Searchyesnonoyesyes (only scientific papers)
Anonymous Searchyesnonoyesno
Automatically Filtered Content Searchyesnononoyes (only scientific papers)
Manual Content Exclusionyesnononono
Tracker Blockingyesnonopartially using browser plugin (not all trackers caught)
yes (only scientific papers)
Domain Blacklisting by Useryesnononono
Single & Permanent Hit Exclusionyesnononono
Displaying Content
Content Preview Paneyesnononoyes
Ad Blockingyesnononon/a
Storing Content
Storing Content as Cleaned PDFyesnonon/ano
Private & Permanent Content Storageyesnonon/ano
Fulltext Search in Stored Contentyesyesyesn/ano
Store HTML pagesyesyesyesn/ano
Store PDF pagesyesyesyesn/ano
Store images within contentyesyesyesn/ayes
Store video within contentnoyesyes (?)n/ano
Synchronize Content
Upload Own Contentyesnonon/ano
Import Content from Other Applicationsyesnonon/ano
Registration and Login Requiredyesyesnon/ano
Free optionyes*)nonon/ano
Other (Planned) Features
Content Automatic Semantic Taggingyesyesno (?)n/ayes
Content Trustfullness Ratingno (planned)nononono
Content Aging Indicatorno (planned)nononono
Automatic Forgetting of Contentno (planned)nonon/ano
Annotating HTML Contentno (planned)yesyesn/ayes
Annotating PDF Contentno (planned)nonon/ayes

*) Limited functionality

We are constantly adding feature, to make Unouit more and more useful.